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Can My Employer Bail Me Out of Jail?

Every once in a while, we’ll get a call from someone who is interested in a bail bond. As we get to know one another, the person will mention that when they contacted their employer and explained why they’d be missing a shift, their employer offered to post the bail, but our potential client told them it wasn’t allowed. Each time, we’ve been left speechless.

We don’t know how it happened, but many of the population think that only direct relatives can post bail or serve as co-signer for a bail bond. This simply isn’t true.

Yes, in our experience, the people are most willing to help with bail and/or co-sign for a bail bond. This is because those are usually the individuals who have the most faith in you. However, there is no rule that someone has to be related to post your bail. People who are allowed to post bail for you include the following:

  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Children (provided they have reached adulthood)
  • Neighbors
  • Employers
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Spouses
  • Complete strangers
  • Significant others

That’s right, basically anyone who is willing to help out can post your bail. While we are a little pickier when it comes to a bail bond, the truth is that anyone who is willing to take a chance on you, understands how a bail bond works, and has financial credentials we require, is someone we’re happy to have serve as a co-signer for your bail bond.

We’re living in strange times. Since 2020s COVID-13 outbreak, employers in almost every single industry have found it difficult to retain good employees. If you’re someone who is reliable and hardworking, it’s likely that your employer will be willing to entertain the idea of posting bail for you.

If your employer expresses an interest in posting your bail but is reluctant to part with so much cash, ask them to contact St Tammany Parish Bail Bonds. We’re available 24/7 and offer free consultations. By choosing to use us rather than posting a traditional cash bail, your employer will only have to pay 10% of the required bail. Once they’ve paid that 10% they can choose how they want you to repay them.

The sooner you and your willing employer contact us, the sooner we can post the bail bond and the sooner you’ll be released from jail. If you and your employer act promptly, it’s possible that you will be released before you miss another shift.

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