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Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Bail Arraignment

The arraignment is an important part of the bail process. It’s when a judge will decide whether you’ll be granted bail, how much the bail will be, and what restrictions are connected to your bail. Here are some important tips that will help you prepare for your bail arraignment. You Don’t Have to Wait for […]

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Can My Employer Bail Me Out of Jail?

Every once in a while, we’ll get a call from someone who is interested in a bail bond. As we get to know one another, the person will mention that when they contacted their employer and explained why they’d be missing a shift, their employer offered to post the bail, but our potential client told […]

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What Happens During a Wellness Check

Wellness checks, which are sometimes referred to as welfare checks, are a service offered by your local police department. At the request of a concerned person, an officer stops at a person’s house and ensures that everything is okay. You may request a wellness check for a loved one for several reasons. Common reasons to […]

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Legal Issue To Consider If You Are a Professional Influencer

An amazing number of people are shunning traditional careers and becoming social media influencers instead.  While every single person has their own reason for becoming an influencer, the main reasons people give are: They thought it looked like a relatively simple way to earn an income They didn’t actually intend to become an influencer, it […]