Mistakes Parents Make When Bailing Out Their Child

As a parent, nothing’s more frustrating than knowing your child is in jail. Like any other caring parent, you want to do everything possible to have your child walk out of jail quickly. Before your child can be released from jail, you must post the bail amount the law enforcers determine.

Often, parents and guardians alike make mistakes that are costly or cause more issues. It is easy to make mistakes thinking you have the bail process in control, especially when feeling pressured for time. In this article, you learn the possible mistakes you could make when bailing your child out of jailThey include:

Not Taking Time to Think

After learning their children are in jail, many parents make the mistake of rushing to pay their children’s bail. If you rush without first thinking about the circumstances and determining what is best for both you and your child, you won’t avoid the likelihood of your child not going to jail again in the future. The following are possible issues that could happen when you don’t give yourself time to think before posting your child’s bail:

  • The bail amount places a substantial financial burden on your savings.
  • Your child could refuse to obey the bail arrangements.
  • Your child could keep committing offenses since they know you will always post their bail.

You don’t want to tell your child that you will always handle their bail amounts. Instead, you should give yourself time to think about the circumstances and determine the best strategy. If confused about what step to take, consider consulting a bail bonds agent for help.

Paying Full Bail is a Financial Risk

When the police put your child in jail, they determine a bail amount based on the charges involved. Because of the love you have for your child, you are tempted to post the full bail amount and have your child walk out of jail fast.

The mistake of doing everything on your own wastes even more money and time. Avoid the agony of draining your savings by seeking a bail bonds company’s help. With an agent, you access expertise and resources and have your child walk out of jail asap.

In Louisiana, bail bond companies operate 24/7. Therefore, you rest assured the bail process is handled fast. All that is needed is co-signing with your child and paying a percentage of the full bail amount – normally, 12% of the total bail amount. So, instead of posting the entire bail amount you only pay the 12% service fee.

St Tammany Parish Bail Bonds agents have the experience and knowledge to complete the needed paperwork without errors and promptly. Also, your agent could post the bail on your behalf, saving you the stress of struggling with the bail process.

Committing to Traveling Long Distances

Besides the bail amount you are to pay for your child to be released from jail, other expenses include traveling to the jail. Making travel plans not only costs you but also disrupts your schedule and wastes time so that you can do constructive things.

Imagine living in a far state and your child faces arrest in St Tammany Parish County. You have to buy plane tickets to and from and book your accommodation do not forget the extra expenses you could incur during the journey. These expenses include taxi rides, bus rides, and meals.

Also, remember that as you navigate to the specific county jail your child is locked up, time is running out and their stay in jail extends. Reduce the frustration you and your child face during this time by contacting a bail bond company.

You can contact a bail bond agent from the comfort of your home or office via phone and receive unmatched help. Contemporary technology advancements have enabled the signing of documents remotely via email, document-signing applications, and modern-day fax machines.

Technological advancements like the ones stated above help expedite the bail process without the need to travel. Your bail bond company also offers transportation services to take inmates home after posting their bail.

Don’t cut off your child after sorting their bail amount as this could result in them feeling ashamed or facing more arrests. Instead, express your frustrations in a friendly manner to open honest lines of communication. With your bail bonds agent’s and experienced therapist’s guidance, you know the right direction to take.

It is understandable to have a lot of questions about bailing someone out of jail. After all, nobody ever plans on needing to know about bail. Luckily, if you ever need bail help, you can count on St Tammany Parish Bail Bonds to be there for you.

You can get a free consultation at any time by calling 504-821-1111 to start the process now.

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