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How Covington Bail Bonds Help Bail People Out Of Jail

Most people cannot afford bail on their own so they seek the help of a bail bondsman like the agents at Covington Bail Bonds. The agent will work with the defendant and/ or a cosigner to evaluate how they can pay not the full bail amount, but instead the premium, which is 12% of the full bail amount. Once that has been figured out, paperwork will be completed and sent to the jail where the defendant is being held. The bail bond agent will post the bail bond. It may take a few hours for him or her to actually be released, but those few hours behind bars is still much better than days and weeks. Covington Bail Bonds will do their best to make every case as seamless as possible. We know bail is expensive and families are torn apart when one is arrested. We want to help resolve these problems.

Services that set us apart from the competition include:

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covington bail bonds

The Benefit of Posting Bail With Covington Bail Bonds 

You may not realize it, but posting bail for your loved one has a greater benefit than just getting them out of jail until they need to appear in court, and that keeps them out of daily danger in prison. While prisons are some of the most heavily guarded institutions, they’re also the most dangerous and that’s no surprise. Prisons do not make violent, intimidating criminals laxer; if anything, prisons make them more frightening because they have “competition.”

If you’re having trouble meeting bail, Covington Bail Bonds can help. Instead of paying bail in full, why not use a bail bond? By posting bail with a bail bond, you will only need to pay a percentage of the full bail amount. As long as your loved one appears in court when asked (and we know you will make sure of that because we know you want the best for your loved one) nothing more will need to be paid, and any collateral you put down will be returned.

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